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Prices correct as of 19/05/2024 – 10:11am

9ct Gold
£22.10 per gram
14ct Gold
£34.48 per gram
18ct Gold
£44.21 per gram
22ct Gold
£53.99 per gram
24ct Gold
£58.94 per gram
0.500 Silver
£0.35 per gram
0.800 Silver
£0.56 per gram
0.925 Silver
£0.65 per gram
0.999 Silver
£0.70 per gram
Full Krugerrand
£1,860.24 each
Full Sovereign
£438.62 each
Half Sovereign
£219.31 each
100G Gold Bar
£5,984.74 each
50G Gold Bar
£2,992.37 each
1 OZ Gold Bar
£1,866.19 each
20G Gold Bar
£1,196.95 each
10G Gold Bar
£598.47 each
5G Gold Bar
£299.24 each
1G Gold Bar
£59.85 each
UK Britannia 1oz Silver Coin
£25.46 each
Canadian Maple 1oz Silver Coin
£25.46 each
1oz 0.999 Silver Coin
£25.46 each
1kg Silver Bar
£763.99 each
500g Silver Bar
£381.99 each
250g Silver Bar
£191.00 each
100g Silver Bar
£76.40 each
50g Silver Bar
£38.20 each
1oz Silver Bar
£23.76 each
0.500 Platinum
£19.01 per gram
0.900 Platinum
£21.29 per gram
0.950 Platinum
£22.48 per gram
0.999 Platinum
£23.63 per gram
0.500 Palladium
£10.77 per gram
0.950 Palladium
£20.46 per gram
0.999 Palladium
£21.51 per gram

Scrap Gold & Silver

Best prices paid for your unwanted, Gold & Silver. Any condition.

How it works

Do you have some gold or silver jewellery you no longer want? Have you inherited some pieces of jewellery or silverware that you simply wont use? Or do you just need to raise some quick cash?

Whatever you reason for selling Cashbrokers Leamington Spa pay the best prices with our rates checked daily. We accept all types of gold and silver. Whether its broken or damaged, hallmarked or non-hallmarked, our store in Leamington Spa will offer you the best cash prices for your gold and silver.

All items will be weighed and tested in front of you using the latest XRF Analyser technology. Your items will be tested for their purity without the need to damage them, ensuring you are paid fairly for the precious metal content of your items.

What we scrap

We buy all types of gold and silver, in any condition including:

  • Yellow Gold & White Gold – 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct
  • Platinum, Diamond Set Jewellery, Costume Jewellery
  • Gold Watches
  • Rolled Gold, Palladium
  • Silver, Silver Cutlery, Silver Tea-Sets
  • Cigarette Cases, Coins, Brooches & Lockets, Cufflinks, Rings, Chains, Bracelets
  • Asian Gold

How to get in touch


As precious metal and jewellery buying specialist, we can consistently offer more than your local jewellers or auctioneer’s, with complete transparency and instant cash or BACs settlement.

Give us a try and visit our store at 144 Parade and one of our friendly team will get your unwanted items turned into instant cash!

Alternatively, use our contact us form below or call us on 01926 258252 and one of our team will be happy to help.




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